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HP-12C Prestige
04-25-2018, 01:24 PM
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RE: HP-12C Prestige
(04-25-2018 09:34 AM)John Cadick Wrote:  Can someone straighten me out with respect to the 12C Prestige. I thought that the Prestige is the same as the Platinum but with a gold-tone case. I also thought that it is labeled “HP-12C Prestige Financial Calculator” just to the right of the LCD.

On TAS as well as elsewhere on the web, I am seeing gold-tone 12Cs being advertised as and apparently being sold as Prestige; however they have no Prestige label. Are plain-vanilla 12Cs being passed off as a Prestige?

I don’t have a Prestige in my collection (though if anyone has one to sell - I am interested) so I cannot check that way. So .... can one of the many on this forum that are smarter than I am get me straightened out?

Thanks in advance,


The 12C Prestige was manufactured only in Brazil, and I believe only marketed in Brazil as well, though of course some crept out, and over time their relative rarity led to collector demand all over the world.

They do indeed say "Prestige" with a goldish tone (vs. the silver tone used for the Platinum models).

Machines listed without the "Prestige" name are not genuine. Some listed as such could be simply by accident as many sellers don't know what they have, but most are simply positioned as such to get a higher price, hoping the buyer doesn't know what they are buying.

In short, a genuine Prestige can be identified as having:

1. The name "Prestige" on the metal bezel
2. Gold-tone metal bezel
3. "BRAZIL" embossed onto the bottom of the case (along with s/n)
4. Platinum style keyboard (with ALG/RPN, parenthesis, undo, etc.)

--Bob Prosperi
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