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Clones, fakes, knock-offs, etc.
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RE: Clones, fakes, knock-offs, etc.
(04-18-2018 10:29 AM)grsbanks Wrote:  
(04-18-2018 10:17 AM)Zaphod Wrote:  I wonder if the supplied hard cover fits the 50G ?

It doesn't. I have some of each model and I can say that the 50g lacks the "slot" down the side of the case that the 39gs (and 40gs, it's the same machine with a CAS bolted on) has for the hard case.

The slots seems to be in the back cover (from pictures, I don't have a 39gs). If so, it should be easy to swap the back cover (machines are identical in size and shape, I bet the back cover molding is identical save for that slot).
You'd have to un-glue the piezo speaker, and desolder the wires that go to the batteries, then solder them back to the new back cover.
The back cover color of the 39 will probably go better with a blue 50g than the black, but if you want the hard cover... I think is doable, not sure worth it, but doable.
Here's a video showing what's attached to the back plate.
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