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Question about Amortization Table in TVM (Finance App).
02-02-2018, 06:53 PM
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RE: Question about Amortization Table in TVM (Finance App).
(02-02-2018 05:08 PM)Tim Wessman Wrote:  From memory, the big table itself is not stored anywhere for direct access.

What would be your use case for this? (not challenging you, just trying to understand your idea for workflow)

OK. This is really not a very difficult problem to go about. I can copy the table and then STOre it as whatever I want manually. But, I think, it would be much better to have variable AmorTbl or something not conflicting with any system variables then, I could use that variable in some prgm. and do whatever I want with the columns or rows of the matrix. For now as it is I can not do anything in programs with the Amort table because every time I have new table I have to copy it and store it manually as a veriable. I think it wouldn't be to much problem to add for example the var. AmorTbl in the menu for Financial application in TVM submenu.
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