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Full Version: Naive Design ND1 website gone?
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One of the best programmable calculators for iOS is the Naive Design ND1, which does many of the things that the HP50 does and has additional language extensions using JavaScript. I would point you to the website (naivedesign.com), but it appears to be gone. Anyone know what happened? They had forums that I can't get to any more.
It seems you are right. I don't know if this helps you any further, but an older snapshot of the site is available in the internet archive:



And the site is back. Hooray for Oliver! He even has an update on Golfscript, which is something he was going to include in it from way back. The ND1 is my "go to" calculator on my iPad (which also has many other calculators on it); I am an HP RPN and RPL user from way back (HP25 was my first).
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