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Full Version: [HP-15C] Android app by HP - bug 3
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This is bug No 1
This is bug No 2

Run a long program and switch to portrait view. Leave the app and you will notice the device slows down considerably. Try to switch back to the 15c and you'll get this:
The app gets unresponsive, the screen goes black entirely and the only way to access the app again is by closing it using the Droid OS.

Any program as simple as this one below can be used to confirm this bug:
Warning: This will erase all programs from memory!

This bug was found by a gentleman named Keith Williams. He reported it on the Google play store. All I did was investigate a little further.

Not sure if this is the same as bug 3 but I have repeatedly tried to compute \(\int_0^{100}{e^{-x}dx} \) to no avail. The app will crash without having to tilt the phone as described above.
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