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Full Name (family, given): Speck
Location: Illinois, USA
Entered: 16 Sept 2002, 12:33 a.m.

I'm a lifelong TI user, starting with the "disposables" and eventually working my way up to the 85 and 92 in college. My experience with HP's had been with store display models up to that point. I just recently got my own HP49G (right before they discontinued them--#$@^%*&!) Anyway, I happened to stumble across this looking for help on how to run the calc, because the HP's seem quite cryptic to learn. I'm finding that a lot of the topics focus around the 41 and 42 series machines, but I've always gotten help with my 49G questions, so thank you to all that are helping me learn this great machine.

Maybe I'd better buy a backup 49G while I still can.


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