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HP-9845 used to produce footage for "Wargames" the movie

Posted by John on 6 Feb 2007, 7:16 a.m.


I know the HP-9845 barely passes as an 'HP Calculator', but I just wanted to pass on this snippet of 1983 movie folklore to the HP community.

Browse to and look for the text '9845'.

Quote "Of course, the big technical achievement for the film was the 50,000 or so feet of negative we managed to make into over 100,000 feet of print for the big screens in the front of the set. It was a huge undertaking, especially for the time (we built our own film recorders and file management system to control it all). The crew making those "plates" worked in shifts 24 hours a day for 7 months, if I remember correctly. Oh, and the Hewlett Packard computers we used were H-P 9845c's I believe. They were lent to us by H-P because we were lucky enough to have Colin Cantwell, who had a relationship with H-P and was a consultant to them, as the lead designer of the missile scenarios displayed on those big screens. Colin did an incredible job and it is because of him that I looked so good."




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