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This Hewlett-Packard advertisement, originally published in Scientific American, is used by permission. If errors crept in during the scanning process, please contact Dave Hicks

The scientific calculator that "talks back" to you.

For some scientists and engineers, a hard-copy record of their calculations can save hours of recalculating and rechecking.

The HP-46 not only presents your calculations on its LED display, it also prints all your entries and labels them clearly with alphanumeric symbols-and then "talks back" to you as it performs the calculations. For example, when you calculate the mean and standard deviation of a series of numbers, the printer lists each entry with Σ+ symbol. After you push the mean,sd key, it prints the results in order, each calculation clearly labeled: the number of entries (#), the standard deviation (sd), and the mean.

Whenever you ask for it, the HP-46 prints the contents of its operational stack or its 9 addressable memories, each also clearly labeled. Should you make a logical error in data entry or call for an improper calculation, the HP-46 will print an error message and refer you to an explanation in the operator's manual.

The HP-46 performs arithmetic; statistical, transcendental, and trigonometric calculations, the latter in any of three angular modes. It instantly converts angles to degrees, polar coordinates to rectangular, and U.S. units of length, weight, or volume to metric. It also performs two-dimensional accumulations simultaneously for vector calculations, and adds or subtracts vector components.

The HP-46 features characteristics that you have come to expect from HP calculators: 200-decade range, floating decimal, 10 significant digits, and computer-based logic with 4-register operational stack.

The HP-46 costs $675* including owner's manual, printer paper, and carrying case.

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*Domestic USA prices only.

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