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Thanks for the magic memories

Posted by Carl Landsness on 13 July 2001, 9:55 p.m.

I wish to say thank you to the webmaster and you contributors for triggering some incredibly magic memories... I'm tingling throughout with energy.

As a new engineer out of college in 73, I was given a dream experience by working as a designer in the HP division responsible for calculators... first in Silicon Valley, CA; later in Corvallis, OR. Everything about those early years was very special: the products, peers(e.g. Steve Wozniak), managers, toys, freedom, trust, comraderie... and the amazing feedback from users (ravid fans) like you writing to this website.

I couldn't believe we got paid for so much fun and satisfaction!

We also had many opportunities to meet and interact with many of the HP pioneers: Bill, Dave, Barney Oliver, Ralph Lee, Dave Cochrane, etc. I developed an immense respect and gratitude to these individuals who created such a unique and pioneering environment. They shaped many of my own values, skills, and dreams... which I am now using in the formation of my own company (in microfluidics and inkjet technology).

I can hardly imagine a better place to have worked or products to have worked on. Even my participation in the hugely successful and very exciting thermal inkjet program (at HP) did not create the special magic of those early calculator years.

I am very grateful. Thank you.


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