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Treasure your classic HPs

Posted by Fred Boness on 19 Jan 2001, 3:07 a.m.

I bought my first HP in 1975 when I was an engineering student. It was a used HP45 I got from a professor at the University of Wisconsin for $250. P***ed off another professor who also wanted it and was trying for a better price. Fortunately I didn't have any classes with him!

I still have that HP45 and an HP10C, HP16C, and 32SII. I bought the 32SII two years ago when my HP15C died and I wondered if I would be able to get replacements for my HPs. Hooked on RPN, you know.

I don't like the 32SII. It has made me appreciate the classic HPs more. The HP10C and HP16C never leave the house now. The 32SII is expendable and likely my last HP. It is as though HP has forgotten how to engineer calculators. How could HP get an on/off button wrong? It should be a simple toggle; push on, push off. Instead it's push on and CLEAR!. Off is the shift function and that is backwards.


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