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My HP 67

Posted by Rex Wiederanders on 7 Nov 2000, 10:28 p.m.

I was a chemistry undergrad in 1975 when I purchased my first HP calculator, an HP-25. When HP came out with the HP-67, I managed to obtain a brochure, in color, and dreamed about buying such a magnificent machine. I recall that the 67 was about $450, which to a student was absolutely out of the question. So I did what I knew I had to do, I saved, waited, and fantasized about holding an HP-67. To this day, I cannot figure out how I came up with $450 plus tax, but nothing was going to stop me. When I sent the order in to HP, I had to wait until they could ship it to me and I could not sleep.

You can imagine that after this level of expectation, there must be a let down when the calculator arrived, but there was not. I read every page in the manual, programmed every problem I could think of, and pushed the buttons over and over. I had that black leather case on my belt and strutted around campus. I had an HP-67! I made a small silver plate engraved with my name and glued it to the back.

That 67 made it through grad school with me and I still have it. All the functions work great, although the case is a bit worn. A friend who knows how much I like HP calculators gave me his 67, a machine with absolutely no wear or damage, but I still prefer to use my old and tattered 67.

The HP-67 needed a friend, so I found a slightly used 97 for $15 which works quite well. I love those things.


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