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1981 to 2008 my HP journey

Posted by Ed Austin on 20 Oct 2008, 11:06 p.m.

I was at School and saw a guy with an HP 41C back in 1981. I thought it was amazing and vowed to purchase one, which I did in 1983 with my first paycheck!

Since then I have owned a HP48GX and briefly a HP12C.

I now own and use an HP34C which I purchased unseen. It had some corrosion on the (-) battery terminal due to battery leakage. I cleaned this up as much as possible and stuck in two AA Alkaline cells and it works great.

It is a 1979 manufactured "solderless" design. Heavy and I think well made. Keys are harder to press than the 41C although later versions I believe corrected that problem.

I can't live without RPN... using an algebraic logic calculator was an incredibly frustrating experience as I kept looking for the ENTER key!


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