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Posted by Ian Kettleborough on 22 May 2000, 3:27 a.m.

This was a brand new tool when I first bought it in 1971 or 2. It was very expensive at the time at $395. This was the early release of the 35.. with a bug in one to the arc-sine, arc-cosine, or arc-tangent routines.. HP would not replace it. The demand was so high for them.

The 35 and 45 were a real issue with the university I was attending where they were considered to be a device "only rich kids" could own (and therefore gave them an advantage) and were banned on all tests until more could afford some sort of calculator.

I had to learn RPN which turned out to be extremely easy. I also have a 12-C, and 2 16-C with no worry about losing them at work. Very few people like RPN, but I like it. Using any other seems to be so awkward.

I still have the 35 case, manual, external ps, minus a working battery, and it still works, after being bought a long time ago. (anyone know where to get a working battery for this, just to be complete?)


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