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HP 12C /\ 2

Posted by C. F. Howlett on 16 Jan 2006, 7:33 p.m.

Bought a 12C in college, 1990 for accounting. Didn't have the benefit of maturity to appreciate and learn RPN, so I defaulted to an el cheapo TI and switched my major to social sciences. (NOTE TO STUDENTS/PARENTS - hard science, engineers, and business majors get paid expoenentially more than Social Workers!)

I've now switched careers from social service to real estate. Guess what handheld calculator is standard for investors, bankers and loan officers! Dusted off my HP 12C, searched high and low for manuals and user guides and I quickly learned to love it! Picked up a 12C Platinum for backup.

As an aside, learning the keystrokes has enhanced my understanding of underlying math principles and formulae.


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