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Fun with HP-11c's

Posted by surfguy on 21 Dec 2002, 2:17 p.m.

I've owned my 11c since the early 80's. As a Mechanical Designer I used it daily and with a couple simple programs it served me very well. I have since changed professions and have taken it to work at the local home improvement store. We do a fair number of simple calculations throughout the day. Most of the Associates wait their turns to use the ten-key at the end of the counter, or use pocket calculators.

That's where the fun comes in for those of us who use RPN. It normally goes something like this.. "Hey, can I use your calculator?" "Sure, here ya go." Pause.. "Uh, where's the 'equals' key?" "Doesn't have one, it uses Reverse Polish. Just input the number, enter, input the second value and push the function key you want to apply... Simple. You can save values using the STORE / RECALL functions." Pause.. "Thanks, I'll wait for the ten-key." Inside of two weeks, nobody wants to borrow your calculator and you can literally leave it on the counter without worrying about it being "borrowed".


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