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HP 21 & 60 seconds of "++++..."

Posted by Robert Miller on 15 Apr 2002, 11:45 a.m.

I always wondered if there was some kind of world record for how many times a person could push a button in 1 minute. Anyway, about 25 yrs ago when I was perhaps in 8th grade or early High School I started giving it a try on my HP 21. "1, Enter, Enter, Enter, 0," & away I'd go pressing +, +, +... for 1 minute. The "clicky" feel of the HP keypads are perfect for this & I began breaking my own "record" regularly. It wasn't long before I showed a few classmates my new found past time & I'd let anyone try who thought they could beat me. (Nobody ever did!) I'll submit my all time best "score" of 528 as the unofficial record here. It is an amazing tribute to HP that my "+" button never wore out & worked like new up until I lost (& still miss) the 21.

There was one time that I "cheated" by entering 1.1 into the stack & performing a FIX 0 to hide the decimal. I did that just to make one guy stop borrowing it in an attempt to break my record... It worked. Much to my dismay my current 41CV & CX models will not add fast enough for me to continue my quest. :o( Anybody else out there ever give this a try???


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