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H-P Calc trivia fm ex employee

Posted by Jim Grant on 22 Feb 2002, 11:17 a.m.

The origional hp 35 had a mistake in an alogrithm that caused a 1% error when taking the Ln & antiLn of 2. AMD made many of the IC's & contributed to HP 35 alogrithm development. The size of the 35 was dictated by Bill Hewlett's shirt pocket. HP 35 became the volume leader; It quickly passed the 5245 Frequenct Counter. 9800A was a marvel! The 9800B did have a couple of IC's (I think op-amps) in the card reader. The Timer functions of the 55 are in the 45 also. The timer can be accessed by simultaneously pressing the CHS,7 & 8 keys. The 45 clock osc isn't calibrated, so the timer accuracy will vary up to +/- 14%.


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