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Full Name (family, given): Paine, Cameron
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Entered: 24 Oct 2001, 2:21 p.m.

Unix Wizard; programmer; sound engineer. Born in '59. Started in IT in '82 (although we called it EDP back then).

I work/think in C++. C before that. Java of late for amusement. All the UNIX shells. And a smattering of awk and perl. VB if I'm pressed to do something quick-and-dirty on wintel.

I own one HP calculator--a 16C. I bought it recently to replace my original one that was stolen. The new one cost more than the original did when I bought it back in 1983 (or 84). I also own a Casio fx-81 scientific (an algebraic too--gasp) which I bought in the late 70's or early 80's. HP weren't the only ones to build robust calculators. The Casio sits in the front office and gets used at least once a week.

As a bio, this isn't much. But it should put my forum postings in some sort of context.



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