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Full Name (family, given): Horn, Jim (James L.)
Account Name: Jim Horn
Contact: Jim Horn
Location: Hood River, Oregon USA
Entered: 21 Sept 2010, 6:36 p.m.

Electrical engineer at Insitu, Inc. designing unmanned reconaissance aircraft. Long time HP calculator user/fan (HP-25, 1975 as college graduation gift; later 67, 41C, 01, 75C, 110 Portable, 42S, 48S, 49g, 50g, 20B, 97, etc. PPC 1402 / CHHU / etc. Interests include flying, photography, astronomy, math. Mind is filled with HP arcana and trivia. Really enjoy diving into, understanding and modifying tech gear.

Introduced my next younger brother, Joe Horn, to all this when I gave him my HP-25 when my HP-67 arrived. I will burn for this... We're both proud nephews of Henry Horn (HP Key Notes, etc.), a truely wonderful and enthusiastic gentleman. May he rest in peace.


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