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Full Name (family, given): Zorns, Jeremy
Location: Round Lake Beach, IL (A northern Chicago suburb)
Entered: 11 Mar 2003, 7:43 p.m.

I'm a 26 year old Electronics Technician. I'm currently attending DeVry in pursuit of my Bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineering Technology. As of this writing, I have completed about 121 out of 152 credits.

I surfed to this website while searching for information on vintage TI calculators. I discovered the site, and with everything I've read here in combination with my own experience with an HP48GX I used to have, I have decided to 'get back into HP' calculators.

One aspect I especially like is the older LED versions. To me, there is so much more charm in an LED display than an LCD. They can be seen in any light, and they just <i>look</i> cooler, in my opinion. I know that this will limit me to the older, less capable versions, but that is OK. I will have my 48G, (currently waiting for it to ship from an eBay seller) and possibly another LCD HP for the new stuff, and an LED model for nostalgia.

Although I might run into some interference on this next idea, I will express it anyway: For those of you who are open-minded and like to collect calculators, look into some vintage TIs. They can be had for mere fractions of what old HPs fetch, and have just as much history. The difference is mainly in the marketing strategy. TI wants to sell them and make lots of money as their first priority, and HP wanted to build a quality product as their first priority. As result, HP has a more loyal following at the expense of market share.

I'll see you all on the forums! Cheers, -Jeremy


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