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OT: New Hand-Written Math Solver
Message #1 Posted by Steve S on 27 May 2011, 7:43 p.m.

Although we all lover our HP calculators, there are some things to be said for other math solving approaches.

For those who have tablet PCs, a new math solver, apparently intended for classroom use, has just surfaced: FluidMath. See:

A 10-day trial version is available after you register at the website. FluidMath is clearly a work in progress (it only does arithmatic, roots, logs, trig and sums) but the developers are clearly intending to expand FM's capabilities.

Unfortunately, the intended price (and terms)make it clear that this is a product mostly intended for institutions. MathJournal by xThink has a much wider scope of application and is less than half the price (but it's also now 5 years old).

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