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finding Df and variation and calculing limite but ...
Message #1 Posted by wassims on 25 July 2010, 6:57 p.m.

helllo i find a program in hp website it find the domain of definition and tracing (graph) the table of variation and calculating the limites (lim x-->) but it does some error lik this try to enter this function (2x^2+4x+1)/(x^2+2x) he give the Df like this ]-infinity.0[U]0.+infinity[ and iths inccorect the correct DF is ]-infinity.-2[U]-2.0[U]0.+infinity[ and some times he can't find the Df if the function is large or contenaing EXPONENTIAL OR LOGHARIME and now if there's any one can devellope this programe o give me another do all this funtions(limite.variation table.derivative.DF) . tnx for all and sorry for my english becaus ispeak just french or arabic and this is the link for the prgrame DOWNLOAD

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