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HP 50g PARTFRAC, INTVX Error/Problem
Message #1 Posted by Sean Kane on 1 June 2010, 3:26 a.m.


I've had my HP50g for about 2 years now, but today was the first time I've ever had to use the PARTFRAC function.

I was trying to do the PARTFRAC example in the user guide to do with integration (p. 13-20), and my calculator will not give the answer that the user manual says it should give. It asks for a mode switch to approx. mode, and if this is denied it only partially resolves the equation. If accepted it leads to a mish-mash of weird complex numbers. I've also tried the INTVX example on the same page, which has the same problem.

Is there any flag or mode that I need to set to stop this happening? If not, what's going on?

I'd appreciate any help you can give.

Re: HP 50g PARTFRAC, INTVX Error/Problem
Message #2 Posted by Bart (UK) on 1 June 2010, 4:27 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by Sean Kane

Hi Sean,

First, in the manual the equation is not the same as used in the screen shots, the last term in the denominator is X^2. Mine works as shown in the screen shots.

Make sure you do not have a variable X defined in the VAR menu (or whatever variable you are integrating with respect to otherwise the symbolic integrator will attemp to use it).

Try resetting the CAS to the defaults:

To return the CAS to its default state, press "right shift" followed
by SYMB (CAT), ALPHA F3(C), DOWN cursor. With CASCFG selected, press ENTER.

OR by typing CASCFG (double press "ALPHA" to lock ALPHA mode) on the command line followed by ENTER.

See also the HP help forum for Calculators:
HP Calculator help forum


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