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Message #1 Posted by Matthias Wehrli on 11 Apr 2006, 1:25 a.m.


For a new release of my HP-41 module database I would like to get more informations about the following software:

Are these hardware modules or EPROMs?

83TRINH BLDRom Dutch-ROM 3B Girault Rom (CAT2: -GIRAULT_1a) HPCC-Keys 2 (by HPCC UK) --> Maybe these pacs are only listings?

Then I need infos about the GEODAT 126: Does anybody has a manual which he can lend me (send me a copy is also welcome)? What software / hardware does it needs to work?

For my collection I need images of the following EPROMS:

3M Module, 3M Company, ID21 Singapore AutoFinance AUTO Q/C Blackjack 1A/1B JimROM MAX 2B/2C/2E NAVCOM RACETRACK EC41-533 Skwid Ink BarCode Plus --> Are you really shure this exists? Toulouse Rom (by PPC Chapter) WWH EPROM

Thanks a lot for your help. As soon as I have new informations I will upload the updated database. I will let you know.


Skwid Ink BarCode
Message #2 Posted by Mike (Stgt) on 11 Apr 2006, 7:34 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by Matthias Wehrli

Yes, I am sure. There exised a second version for an newer printer. Alas I have only one of those two. Pls let me know when you find the 2nd version.


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