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Emu28 with increased memory
Message #1 Posted by Christoph Giesselink on 14 Mar 2006, 12:50 p.m.

Hello together,

I just published a new version of Emu28, the HP28C emulator on Version 1.10 now supports memory upgrades with 4KB, 32KB and 64KB.

Memory upgrades are handled as complete new hardware, so a memory upgrade of existing state files isn't possible. The additional memory is controlled by the Class command in the Global section of the KML file when creating a new state file. Existing state files aren't affected by the Class command.

Be careful with the HP28C versions of MPIG and MBAG or similar programms using the same method of injecting "System Object" data into memory on memory expanded HP28C. They don't work any more. These programs store data at RAM end (on an orginal HP28C at #4FFFF) and don't expect that RAM end has been moved. The ASS program from the CPROMUPL.ZIP archive works like expected. This program is IMHO the best way injecting "System Object" code into calculator memory.

Have fun with it.



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