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MLDL2000 update
Message #1 Posted by Meindert Kuipers on 17 Feb 2006, 3:45 p.m.

Time for an update!

While between houses I have been staying in a trailer with my family. We are now settled in our new house (with many boxes still to unpack) and I have finally setup my MLDL2000 assembly line again. Those who have a unit on order and have their serial number assigned back in 2005 can expect some good news within the next two or three weeks.

There have been some additional orders as well. The potential problem is that I am down to my last 5 or 6 units from the initial production run, and some of the PCB's did not pass initial testing. These units have been reworked, but not yet tested and I am not certain if they will work at all.

Unless there is sudden interest for at least 25 units, this means that I will probably have stop accepting orders for the MLDL2000 and no more will be made. Which is also good news, because I need time to expand the functionality of the MLDL2000!


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