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Voyager speedup side effects
Message #1 Posted by Gerson W. Barbosa on 7 Oct 2005, 9:24 p.m.

Besides some known and obvious side effects of speeding up a Voyager, has anyone experienced new problems?

After speeding up a 15C to 2.49x, I noticed some dots and commas that were not supposed to turn on would do so occasionally. For example, after a calculation the display would show something like

                         123.45 , .. 
Perhaps that was because of the rather large inductor I used which was pressing the printed circuit board a little. I replaced the 33uH inductor I had previously used with two tiny 180uH inductors (easily found in old 5 1/4" disk drives boards). Instead of warp speed now the 15C runs at sub-warp speed (1.74x), much more suitable for a Voyager :-) At least, now it is almost as fast as a 41...




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