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Switching 32SII to ALG
Message #1 Posted by Axel on 3 May 2005, 8:52 a.m.

Hey folks,

I just got an HP-32SII at work to use it rather than the stupid cheap thing I used before. I admittedly have troubles with the RPN, so is there a way to switch to ALG? In the manual of the successor (?) HP-33S, I found out that this one (the 33S) can be switched. So can the 32SII be switched as well?

Thanks for your help!

Regards, Axel.

Re: Switching 32SII to ALG
Message #2 Posted by on 3 May 2005, 9:03 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by Axel

HP32SII only works in RPN. If you want a dual mode scientific machine, consider the 33S or 19BII. High end machines such as 49G or 49G+ may also be an option.

Cherry on the sundae : if you want to part of your 32SII, you'll get top dollars for it on ebay that will enable you to purchase a more recent calculator meeting your expectations.

Re: Switching 32SII to ALG
Message #3 Posted by bill platt on 3 May 2005, 10:19 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by Axel

Hi Axel,

You can use an algebraic method in the 32sii---just use the equation list. You will get a true equation entry with a solver. There are a few quirks though regarding precedence--look carefully at the manual--the "unary minus" takes precedence over exponentiation--but it works strangely and has an inconsistency when the unary minus it the very 1st entry in an equation. If you give me an email address, I can send you a write-up about that.

Also as part of this issue, you should look cloesly at the use of the "+/-" key versus the "-" key during equation entry. It is covered in the manual. By the way, you *must* get the 32sii (not the 33s) manual in order to properly understand this stuff. It is also available electronically, if not at, then I can send it to you.

The 33s is actually better with its equation editor, and it has an "interesting" infix/postfix algebraic system as well, though I think it is better to use either the RPN or the equation list, as these systems are more consistent.

Beware of the 17bii "algebraic" mode as it is not "algebraic"--rather, it is 1st-come-1st-serve (no precedence). You have to use parenthesis on it to separate multiplication from addition rather than the other way around. The best part of the 17bii is the solver--that is the most excellent fully algebraic equation entry around (on a non-graphing hp--but the some of the Sharps are even better), even allows named variables (not single letter registers).

The fact is that as much as we like to believe that all HP machines were as perfect as possible, there were actually some outstanding cases of bad design---the 32sii has a number of imperfections, though if you understand them you can of course produce correct results.

Only the 11c & 15c are perfect :^)



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Edited: 3 May 2005, 10:22 a.m.

Re: Switching 32SII to ALG
Message #4 Posted by Ed Look on 3 May 2005, 8:12 p.m.,
in response to message #3 by bill platt

You could, as he said, sell it for the (large amount of) money it is worth on the market, and buy the cheaper, but similar AND ALGEBRAIC HP20S.

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