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HP-32sII after HP-33S
Message #1 Posted by Canada on 22 Feb 2005, 10:14 p.m.

I bought a HP-33S some months ago even if a lot of negative coments were post here. I finally found that the calculator is a great one but have some problems.

- I don't think the decimal point is too small; i put a comma insted,,,

- Th real problem i can is is one that i didn't read much : pressing keys require too much force. I often use my calc when going to bed and it is difficult to make an easy contact when the calculator is not on a hard surface.

Now, some days ago i received a HP-32sII. Well i'm sure you all think like me : i prefer the size of that one, but i do really prefer the 2 lines display of the 33s.

Wow, what a keyboard : i really like the feeling of the 32sII; easy to push but have a great feedback.

The color scheme is, in my opinion, better with the 32sII; more easy to find keys you don't use too often.

Th V shape of the 33S is not annoying; it is only there to sell more with younger than me so if RPN is alive with this estetics caracteristics, why not!

But even if i find that the 32sII is better calculator i just realize that it cannot be very useful for my use: i just put 4 "small" equations and i don'T have enought memory too solve it! ouf... on my 33S i have 10 times equations than that and no problem with memory.

What can be really nice is a calculator that have the both good side of each calculators + IR printing (or at least a mini USB port for programs transfer)

2 lines display, data transfer, conservative color scheme, great keyboard, good size. If calculators can have child, the kid of the 33 and 32 should be a dream! :-)

Re: HP-32sII after HP-33S
Message #2 Posted by Eric Lundgren on 22 Feb 2005, 10:24 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by Canada

Yes, the 33s is a nice machine, all things considered.

I just noticed that programming is not identical:

32sii code: INPUT P INPUT + K STO -> X

33s code: INPUT P INPUT K + STO -> X

Well, its minor. I'm very happy with the keys (no misses yet!), but I'd have preferred sq(x) to be the shifted sqrt(x)...Nontheless, you are right, it is RPN & programmable, and small. Eric

Re: HP-32sII after HP-33S
Message #3 Posted by Bernardo Vargas on 23 Feb 2005, 6:50 a.m.,
in response to message #2 by Eric Lundgren

@Eric: You got a point: the most important features on a calculator are (1) RPN logic, (2) programmability, and (3) small size. I totally agree. I only would add SIMPLICITY.

I'm the happy owner of a 32SII, among others, and I could hardly complaint about it. It shares the above-mentioned features. I had a 48G and dismissed it because of its large size and over-complexity.

Re: HP-32sII after HP-33S
Message #4 Posted by Ed Look on 23 Feb 2005, 4:25 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by Canada

Ha ha ha! I think you have echoed the sentiments of just about everyone here! I agree with you!

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