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The seemingly attentive 49g+...
Message #1 Posted by Eric Lundgren on 1 Feb 2005, 2:41 a.m.

I've noticed something disturbing about the 49g+: when I complete a calculation, and some time passes (ie: not enough idle time to turn off, but more than a minute..)..then I begin to key in 5.249 (for example) only registers .249 !! As if it is in a sleepy standby?

Anyone else notice this? Unfortunately, its not something one would catch during an in-store tryout..

On a + note, the 49g+ seems noticeably faster than the 49g.

Also...HP users still have trig functions as primary keys...while the ti-89 Titanium has both trig and inv trig as shifted operations...!

Re: The seemingly attentive 49g+...
Message #2 Posted by Arnaud Amiel on 1 Feb 2005, 4:17 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by Eric Lundgren

Your observation is correct. To save battery consumption the 49g+ spends most of its time in low clock frequency mode. When you start inputing again, while it switches to a higher frequency it may miss some keystrokes. One solution is to turn it off when you don't use it.


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