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Hp-45 timer
Message #1 Posted by Pierre Brial on 19 Dec 2004, 12:44 p.m.

Hello, I have opened my Hp-45 to fix some keys, and I wish to take the opportunity to add a crystal, in order to improve the accuracy of the undocumented timer. I suppose that the crystal value given in, that is 784 khz, is compulsory. I tried with 768 khz, slightly too slow, and with 1 Mhz, too fast. But where could I find a 784 khz crystal ? It is not a common value.

As for the keys, some metallic spring strips (for lack of proper name) were cracked. This gave a keyboard feel similar to a casio. I fixed this by putting some soldiering tin on the cracks. I'm not sure of the durability of the fix as tin is a bit too soft, but I don't know better way to do. Any idea ?

All the best,

Pierre Brial

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