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"" working OK?
Message #1 Posted by Simon Lockyer on 28 Nov 2004, 5:55 a.m.

Someone recently kindly suggested that I consider Randy Sloyer of for repairing my misbehaving 32SII, but when I try to go that site I get an error saying that the site cannot be found, or some such.

Has anyone else had this problem going to, or is it just me? Does anyone have an e-mail address for Randy Sloyer so that I try to contact him directly? Lastly, if that service is no longer available, can anyone else suggest how I go about repairing my 32SII, which works OK, but only if you press *very* hard on the operator keys.

Many thanks,

Simon Lockyer

PS please e-mail me directly at

Re: "" working OK?
Message #2 Posted by John Cadick on 28 Nov 2004, 11:01 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by Simon Lockyer

Link works fine for me.

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