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Hey Martin Cohen
Message #1 Posted by f15e on 4 Aug 2004, 10:52 a.m.

Hey Martin,

1.) In the code you have posted before in the "Simul. Solve w/ HP 33S" thread below, you have Rv as rotate down. Is this the same thing as Roll Down with the key that has an R with an arrow pointing down?

2.) In the line of code,


did you mean to put the / after the STO or is it just STO X? If it is correct, I am guessing the / is a division sign.

3.) Also, after I have put the code in, how is it run? I am not sure how the program is supposed to be run or what, if any, other equations or other things need to be put in for the program to work.

Forgive me for all the questions, but I am in the learning process. If there is a site that explains how to run the code, I would appreciate it.

Thanks for your help!!

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