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Message #1 Posted by Thomas Cox on 14 May 2004, 9:33 p.m.

I have been offered the HEX PAX (I am not sure of spelling) for HP-41. I understand it is essentially a RAM module. Can anyone point me to more information on this? Have a 41-CV and 41-CX, both FullNut. Should that module work with either unit?

Message #2 Posted by Miki Mihajlovic on 14 May 2004, 11:06 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by Thomas Cox

Thomas if you don't know what to do with it, I will gladly take it :)

Seriously, you have been offered the most glorious HP-41 module of them all. This module does almost everything an HP-41 user wishes to do. It is a file system, RAMBOX, assembler, editor, multi function etc all in-one module. Instead of me listing its numerous functions you can go to Warren's site (search the web for V41 emulator) and have a look at its manual. Alternatively, I can send you (two) .PDFs, price will be - the Hepax module :)

It will work with either of your calcs. A rare and precious find indeed.

PS Please forgive my envy, but as someone has said earlier in this forum Hepax is the Holly Grail of all HP-41 modules and every HP-41 enthusiast wishes to have one. You are extremely lucky to have found it as they are very rare. As for the rest of us, we are anxiously awaiting for Diego to finalize his clone.


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Message #3 Posted by Angel Martin on 15 May 2004, 1:08 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by Thomas Cox

HEPAX? I know people that would sell their digital souls to the binary devil for one of those :-)

Grab it!

Re: Advanced HEPAX
Message #4 Posted by Diego Diaz on 16 May 2004, 12:21 a.m.,
in response to message #3 by Angel Martin


First of all, a "real" HEPAX module is a rare bird, and my advice is (as Miki and Ángel have previously said) Get it!!

Anyhow, if you have to pay for it, and your interest is functional instead of collectionism, take into account that:

- The Advanced HEPAX NoVRAM emulation is a reality right NOW... (I've got three of'em running at the moment)

- It's quite less power-hungry than the *real* HEPAX.

- It doesn't erase its RAM contents when disconnected, as it uses Non Volatile RAM. (No battery back-up either)

- It allows two extra ROM pages to be loaded in the same physical module, i.e. 6 ROM pages + 4 Non Volatile RAM pages in total.

- It will cost 120€ (same as Clonix for the previous Clonix customers) or 175€ (for non-Clonix customers, programmer and adapter will be 25€)

- The NoVRAM is intended to emulate *any* 16k RAM box software ever produced for the HP-41. (Though HEPAX is the Holly Grail ;-) and thanks to Ángel Martín's effort, HEPAX-1D ROM version is available for NoVRAM emulation (Thanks again Ángel. Yes, it works flawlessly!! :-)

- The schematics, software and PCB layout of the NoVRAM project will be freely available for everyone willing to build his/her own module, as it is for the Clonix.

- The first "For Sale" NoVRAM will appear on June 1st, as a small HP-41C 25th anniversary contribution.

Kind regards from the Canary Islands.


P.S. Remove "NOSPAM" from my *new* mail account if you want to contact me.


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