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hp48gii bug? (lengthy)
Message #1 Posted by Dwight L. Myers on 9 May 2004, 1:19 a.m.

I just received an hp48gii on Thursday. (I also got an hp33s at the same time, more on that in a later post.) If I understand the user's manual, the main softkey menu (which is accessed by the TOOL button) should read:


Which is what I got when I first put the batteries in. The calculator came up in algebraic mode at first, so I naturally switched to rpn mode. After various operations, an attempt to return to the main menu using TOOL gave:


(STACK being the STACK menu). After many fruitless attempts to return to the proper menu, I removed the batteries, and started over. Same result. Eventually I did find out that switching to algebraic mode causes the TOOL button to give the proper menu. As soon as I go to rpn mode, I get the Stack menu in place of the STO command.

Has anyone else with a 48gii experienced this? I was just wanting to confirm that this bug is unique to my calc, and not common to all?

In spite of this bug, I am favorably impressed with the 48gii so far. I haven't had a chance to use it very much, but at least the keys have a comfortable feel with good tactile feedback. The KB layout seems reasonable enough. I'd prefer the enter key in its original place and bigger, but the current layout seems workable.

Dwight Myers

Re: hp48gii bug? (lengthy)
Message #2 Posted by Arnaud Amiel on 9 May 2004, 4:58 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by Dwight L. Myers

The tool menu will change to give you the most appropriate commands for the environmnet you are in, if you are in the equation writer, it will again be different.
This is not a bug but a feature.


Re: hp48gii bug? (lengthy)
Message #3 Posted by Tim Wessman on 9 May 2004, 5:51 a.m.,
in response to message #2 by Arnaud Amiel

Yes indeed, a feature. In algebraic mode you don't need the stack manipulation commands, STO> is a more important command used more often. In RPN, you'll need your DUPs, SWAPs, DROPs, etc. so it always changes to fit your current settings and active applications. Try it in various things to see what you have.

Re: hp48gii bug? (lengthy)
Message #4 Posted by Dwight L. Myers on 9 May 2004, 10:26 p.m.,
in response to message #3 by Tim Wessman

OK, I see the different results for the TOOL button, thanks. Did you find this out by trial and error, or is it in the user guide? I'm not too good at reading a manual on the screen, and I haven't worked up the courage to print 2 reams of paper yet!

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