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HP 9s
Message #1 Posted by John Smitherman on 14 Apr 2004, 10:07 p.m.

I recently needed to replace a 14 year old Casio with a calculator capable of dec/bin/oct/hex arithmetic and conversions. Looking around I decided to give the 9s a try. For $15 (including tax + shipping) I did not think that it was much of a risk.

For an algebraic calculator I believe that it is a good buy. It feels as good as anything that TI makes but of course does not measure up to the HP quality of yesterday. It is quick, fairly accurate and is loaded with useful functions. My only two complaints are not having a comma separating the 000's and a decimal point that is microscopic in size.

I will stick with my RPN models for most of my work but have a decent solution for meeting a special need.


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