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Calculator Designs
Message #1 Posted by David Yerka on 13 Apr 2004, 6:06 p.m.

Personally I like the "4-line" stack display concept--so long as the lines are true alphanumeric and able to display at least as much info as the 41's alpha register. 4 lines displaying labeled results should be enough for most programs. Has anyone considered a "pop-up" concept for a graphing display. Sort of like the Palm Tungsten PDAs. The display slides into the body with only enough of the top showing for 4+ lines. For graph/graphics display it pulls out fully. Granted this makes for a less durable body but allows for a more compact package.

Of course, with generalized I/O (calculator as a master USB controller) it shouldn't be too difficult to create a lcd display, battery powered, to serve as a graphic display. After all the 41 w/IL had a CRT controller.

Re: Calculator Designs
Message #2 Posted by Eddie Shore on 14 Apr 2004, 1:53 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by David Yerka

Haven't thought of that. I'd favor the idea and add:

* the graph has to be fully functionable. I can trace, lable, make a table of the function etc...

* there should be a one button switch between the graph and the RPN stack.

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