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9114 drives
Message #1 Posted by christof on 21 Sept 2003, 3:15 a.m.

So, having failed to find another drive unit for my 9114, and haivng failed to find anyone to fix it, I'm looking at another option-

I have a few HP-9121 units, and I'm willing to cannibalize some of the parts. From what I can tell, the drives *may* be usable in a 9114B if a cable adaptor can be made. Maybe.

So, I'm looking for pinouts for both drives so that I can try this out.... (and if it works, i have spare drives at last)

Re: 9114 drives
Message #2 Posted by Vassilis Prevelakis on 22 Sept 2003, 1:51 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by christof

christof wrote:

>I have a few HP-9121 units, [...]

If you are thinking of replacing a drive from the 9121 with that in the 9114, it won't work. The pinouts may or may not be the same (9114A drives have the same pinouts, 9114B have the newer single connector that carries both data and power), however, the drives are different.

The 9121 have single sided drives, while the 9114 are double sided.

You may be able to use drives from 9122 devices.

Alternatively you may try to use parts from the drives inside the 9121 but that depends on what is wrong with the drive in the 9114B.


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