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HP-48S v. HP-48G
Message #1 Posted by whoru on 12 Sept 2003, 1:53 p.m.

Can somebody tell me the differences (in great detail if you wish) between the 48S & the 48G? I think the 48G is supposed to be more powerful but how? Are they equally matched in terms of graphics capabilities? If not, what are the differences?

Thank you.

Re: HP-48S v. HP-48G
Message #2 Posted by Raymond Del Tondo on 12 Sept 2003, 8:38 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by whoru


there are some obvious differences. The G is faster than the S, has a much better display, and adds some functionality like forms and 3D graphing over the S. The color and menu trees have changed, as some of the standard key assignments.

Some prefer the S over the G because of its standard key assignments. However, the G has many advantages over the S, so I vote for the 48G.

Note that the display resolution on the S and G are the same, but the contrast is much better on the G model, and even better on the latest production units, which have a nearly black and white high contrast display.

Much more information on these machines and their differences can be found on


Re: HP-48S v. HP-48G
Message #3 Posted by christof (NoVA USA) on 13 Sept 2003, 1:16 p.m.,
in response to message #2 by Raymond Del Tondo

I don't think the display is all that much better. In fact- with the exception of late model 48GX machines, I can't seem any real functional diffrence at all. the contrast on some of the earlier 48SX machines is actually better than the standard production 48G (except the very late chinese models).

I prefer the S/SX in many cases because of the lack oof gui menus- which is the exact reason many people prefer the G series.

For anything short of sysrpl programming, the differences are really very minor seeming to me except for the 1: menuing system 2: equation library (which the 48G has and the 48s lacks.) (the cpu speed doesn't really affect life unless you are doing some pretty heafty computing)

My 48GX makes a much better PDA, though :)

Re: HP-48S v. HP-48G
Message #4 Posted by Juergen Rodenkirchen (GER) on 13 Sept 2003, 1:25 p.m.,
in response to message #2 by Raymond Del Tondo

Just to add a probably important difference to the list Raymond gave already: There is no built-in solver for initial value problems with differential equations on the S (as far as I know). Unlike the G which has the RKF (Runge-Kutta-Fehlberg) scheme implemented which works very well and enables you to visualize solutions of an IVP directly from the plot menu.

Best Wishes, Juergen

Re: HP-48S v. HP-48G
Message #5 Posted by Chan Tran on 16 Sept 2003, 11:33 a.m.,
in response to message #4 by Juergen Rodenkirchen (GER)

In general the G is more powerfull than the S. I have both the SX and GX and I used the GX more if only for the screen. It would be difficult to describe the difference in details. However, if you are thinking of buying one of them I suggest that you buy both because they are very cheap now.

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