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The New HP calcs
Message #1 Posted by Andy on 8 Sept 2003, 8:37 p.m.

I guess you all have seen the new HP PDF calcs series.Well the calcs only have one light source, ( I laugh whenever I look at it....) But the HP 49G+ is real... judging from the 49G that it wasn't a bad untraditional model, I supposed that the new Branch of calcs will be of the quality of the 39/49G series. Yes piooners died, long time ago.... ( so my 17B is alone in this town...) the quality of the past still in the machines (and in some manuals,like the one in the 39G, but dissapointly gone in the 49G manual,....), If you have faith in the 49G it will do awesome demostrations of power in your very hands... Just like we,saw the 48G showing it incredible power.... :).

If there is any power in the (emulation of the saturn = OS of the ROMS, Yes the ARM probably is runnig an emulator of the chipset saturn.)we will see it. I'm just dissapointed with the PDF . The 17BII+ isn't not as bad as it looks. It is indeed as powerful as the 17B that I have had for 13 years. It is just the way that we look at the math. The new users (KIDS) do the math considerably different than we do.

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