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HP11C LCD Display "Corrosion"
Message #1 Posted by Daniel on 14 Aug 2003, 6:32 p.m.

Does anyone know what causes the black "sandwich bite" corrosion effect which gradually "eats" along the perimeter edges of the HP11C LCD display and generally increases with time - oxidation? The display still functions OK (seemingly) but will eventually encroach into the digits and render them unreadable.

How do you stop this? - store the calculator in a zip plastic bag away from the air? or in a vacuum seal bag? --to stop the corrosion increasing.

Can the LCD be replaced by a HP11C LCD spare part and what is the HP spare part number for the HP11C display?

Alternatively, what is the HP Spare Part number for the HP12C or 12C Platinum display to order from HP? (if compatible)

Failing all of the above options, would it be feasible to purchase a currently available HP12C or HP12C Platinum and cannibalize the LCD display from these models to put into the HP11C?


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