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Do you want your HP-32sII back???
Message #1 Posted by Paul Brogger on 4 June 2003, 10:33 a.m.

Some years ago, while looking into the interiors of Pioneer calculators and sharing my findings, someone offered me the use of a broken HP-32sII. It had been damaged slightly, and at the time wasn't especially valuable.

Since then, HP-32sII values have skyrocketed on eBay, and I've wondered whether the provider has ever second-guessed his generosity. Unfortunately, I don't remember who it was that sent it.

After dismantling and reassembling it, I'd gotten the thing working, and it was my glove-compartment calculator for years. Just lately, it seems to have died again. New batteries haven't helped. If I can't get it working on its own, I think I may replace its circuit board with that from a newer model. (It's an older model with double-shot keys, and is cosmetically in pretty good shape.)

But before I try a repair, I thought I'd give the original owner a chance to recover it. If you can describe the unique details of its condition as delivered and would like to have it returned, I encourage you to take the "NoHormel" out of my email address (above) and drop me a line.

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