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HP41CV Display
Message #1 Posted by Howard on 27 May 2003, 6:23 p.m.

On my HP41CV there is some flakes of dust or something on the display. Does anybody know an easy way to remove it. I was thinking on the lines of how I fixed a sticky key on my HP32SII (on advice from this forum). That advice was to bathe the whole calculator in clean water several times and dry it out with a hair dryer. Does anybody know if this method can be used on the HP41CV? Thank you. PS Wipe the "SPAM" off to email.

HP41 display cleaning
Message #2 Posted by Randy Sloyer on 27 May 2003, 8:34 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by Howard

If they are black, there is a chance your LCD is leaking. If it's a full-nut, it's replaceable. You're out of luck with a half-nut as the display is not serviceable.

If it just looks like dirt specs, you can open the unit by removing the four feet and the four screws underneath. You can then usually blow the dirt out by directing the flex tube of some canned air in from the sides of the display. If they are really stubborn, you can try a sliding a strip of stiff paper into the LCD area and try dislodging the specs then follow up with air.

The water wash will probably not loosen the dirt and can cause further problems especially with a half-nut by transporting even more dirt to the display area.

In a very desperate situation, you can always unsolder and remove the LCD from a full-nut for cleaning.

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