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Calculators Exhibition - Suggestions needed
Message #1 Posted by Pyerre on 9 Dec 2002, 10:28 p.m.

I've been asked by our local museum participating at an exhibit, (education purpose - student's visits), on the "Calculating Machines "& related devices (slide rules,...).

I'll have to fill a space that includes a large display case (for main things : calculators) & three smaller one (for docs, ads, etc.).

Since, I'm building a modest buty on the HP calculators, the reserved section will be mostly focusing on my Hewlett Packard's collection.

Starting from Ground Zero, I'm looking for suggestions on :

- banners, labelling,...

- how to interest the non-calculator people to the RPN things.

- most asked questions after the famous : "How does it work" ?.

- will be able to control the "don't look with your fingers" of the calculators on display, but also willing to share at least one of them (in circulation) to be playing with.

Would also like to have a "restoration" section with some "before" and "after" casing, inside looked, parts (old and new) and the like.

I really don't want to learn or to appreciate the meaning of the phrase "forgive and forget" after such participation... So any advices & suggestions would be very appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.


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