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Re: New "unknown" HP-71B command discovered.
Message #1 Posted by Ex-PPC Member on 11 May 2001, 6:26 a.m.

I've found the book I mentioned. Details:

Title: HP-71 BASIC Made Easy

Author: Joseph K. Horn


ISBN: 0-9612174-3-X

It's a very enjoyable, little book, intended for those people who've got an HP-71B and know next to nothing about its functionality. It uses a very intelligible style, and guides the reader effortlessly, step by step, from the basics of CALC mode all the way to LEX file creation, with lots of humour, very good examples, and detailed explanations.

Even the most difficult topics are dealt with painlessly and with considerable detail, such as handling of all types of data files, and advanced uses of PEEK and POKE.

It also includes references for all functions usable in CALC mode as well as a comprehensive Quick Reference Guide, which includes functions and statements for the Math ROM, among others.

Finally, the gem of the book is the chapter dedicated to LEX files, which includes the incredible MAKELEX BASIC program which allows the user to enter LEX files from the keyboard on a bare bones HP-71B. The author also includes a number of interesting and useful LEX files, which can be entered that way.

All of this on a short, very amenable book. It must be very difficult to get a copy nowadays, but any user or collector interested on the HP-71B would benefit a lot from it, it will change your appreciation of the machine.

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