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Preferred calculator
Message #1 Posted by on 31 Jan 2001, 10:32 a.m.

As teh trheard "what is your preferred calculator" was that succesful, I'd be delighted to gather all the information and establish a "top 10" of the HP clauclators ever made.

To keep it KISS, I suggest you send me an e-mail with your top 5 preferred calculators. I will treat the datas and of course inform the wholae community of the results.

Any suggestion is of course most welcome !

Re: Preferred calculator
Message #2 Posted by on 1 Feb 2001, 4:35 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by


Thanks for all those who have already sent me an e-mail with your 5 preferred HP calcs.

All the other people are strongly encoureaged to do so.

Please consider the following rules : versions of each models count for a model : ie 25 and 25C is HP25, 41C and CX, 41 halfnut or full nut are 41's.

I propose to give teh following rateg: top 1 = 10pts, top 2 = 7pts, top 3= 5pts, top 4 =2pts, top 5 = 1 pt.

Any suggestion in calculating ratings is of course welcome.

I'll give the results in 15 days.

Cheers to all !

Re: Preferred calculator
Message #3 Posted by <bump> on 2 Feb 2001, 2:13 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by

keeping this thread on Daily Forum a while longer

Re: Preferred calculator intermediate results
Message #4 Posted by on 5 Feb 2001, 8:58 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by

In order not to affect the poll result, please find hereafter the top 5 HP calculators, sorted by year of release and not by preference :

HP-97 HP 41C/CV/CX (though no wonder that all the voters did vote for the CX model) HP 32S HP 42S HP 48G/G+/SX/GX

It is interesting to nothe that :

- out of 5 preferred calcs, 3 "recent" calcs are in the top 5 though prices go high for other models for which few or no votes were expressed (10C, 27, 01, 35 red dot, 70, ...) - the voyager series, though well appreciated for functionnality, met very few votes - all the nominates do have one thing in common : they are very powerful and are capable of various kinds of calculation, and are all connectable/expandable - Excepted for the 97, all are LCD displays calcs...

I am under the impression that all the voters expressed their votes for the capabilities/utility of their machines rather than which one they prefer in their collection...

I need more votes to improve the accuracy and take better conclusion !

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