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What´s your favorite [(hp)]?
Message #1 Posted by Marx Pio on 27 Jan 2001, 2:49 p.m.

I have two, a 41CV and a 48GX what´s yours?

Re: What´s your favorite [(hp)]?
Message #2 Posted by db on 27 Jan 2001, 6:06 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by Marx Pio

to run canned programs on: 48 -s or g- x. for real life and work: the 41cx. accept no substitutes. good question.

Re: What´s your favorite [(hp)]?
Message #3 Posted by Mike on 27 Jan 2001, 9:52 p.m.,
in response to message #2 by db

I like the size of the 11C but my favorite is the 42s Just the right amount of power and very fast at what I do.

Re: What´s your favorite [(hp)]?
Message #4 Posted by Reinhard Hawel on 28 Jan 2001, 12:13 a.m.,
in response to message #3 by Mike

My first love was a HP-71B and I used it years after hp gave up on the BASIC-programmables.

I've bought a much-hated HP-49G used but boxed last week (looks like new) and I think I'm gonna like it somehow. Unfortunately it looks like a Casio.

I entered the HP community with my 71B, so I was never really in the 41 scene. So I can't also really understand the HP-42S hype. Yes, I own one in my collection and it's a nice calculator, but the large screen and the advanced programming features of the 48/49 series beats everything.

Everytime I look onto the 49Gs keyboard I'm starting to whine ...

Re: What´s your favorite [(hp)]?
Message #5 Posted by Reinhard Hawel on 31 Jan 2001, 7:46 a.m.,
in response to message #4 by Reinhard Hawel

I forgot mentioning my 9815, which is in daily use at work.

Re: What´s your favorite [(hp)]?
Message #6 Posted by Victor on 28 Jan 2001, 12:55 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by Marx Pio

There are so many, it's hard to choose one.

The HP-27 is the one I drooled over the possibility of owning when I was going to high school. I am glad that through the miracle of the internet and eBay, I was able to acquire one (more expensive than I had hoped. Oh well...).

I like the HP-97 because of its high computing power (for its time), the built-in printer.and the big, easy to press buttons.

I like the HP-41 series because of all of the neat gadgets you can plug into it.

Finally, I like the HP-48 series because of their computing power in a portable unit and the fact you can easily download programs to them from the internet and your PC.

Re: What´s your favorite [(hp)]?
Message #7 Posted by on 28 Jan 2001, 4:07 a.m.,
in response to message #6 by Victor

On daily basis (I'm a financial manager, so do not need complicated calculations like engineers do), I love my 11c and 15C that both permanently stay on my desk.

I of course like the CX, mainly for its expanding capabilities, but the 42S is far more convenient : faster and smaller.

I also use a 49, even if this can't be called a handheld calculator, mainly to check integration and derivates calculations that I sometime have to do.

Difficult to say hat is the preferred calculator.... I do like the 2X series, I like this kitsch look and admire the power of a 27.

I also like the 34C, that I consider like the dashboard of a Boeing 747,each key having 4 functions !

Finally, one of the most practical calculator under my opinion is the 19BII : powerful financial solver, but also complete mathematician, and despite being not programmable its solver can settle lots of problems.

Re: What´s your favorite [(hp)]?
Message #8 Posted by Todd Garabedian on 28 Jan 2001, 8:12 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by Marx Pio

Like many of the visitors to this forum, it's hard to choose ONE favorite. I've been using HPs for over 20 years. I started with a 33E my dad got me in high school. I moved up to a 34C, then a 41CV. I have to say there is a soft spot in my heart for my 41CV. Not because it's "better" than any of the other models, but because I used it for so long.... it's like an old friend, familiar and trustworthy. I bought it new in 1982. It got me through many chemistry, physics and statistics courses while in college, and helped me crunch tons of data while I was a grad student. When it finally died in 1997, I was devistated! I went onto the internet and found this site (as well as eBay), and got myself a new (used) one. Today, I use it on a fairly regular basis. At about that time, I also got hooked on collecting HP calcs, so now I own a copy of nearly every model! It's a fun hobby, but my wife thinks I'm crazy!


Re: What´s your favorite [(hp)]?
Message #9 Posted by Andrés C. Rodríguez (Argentina) on 28 Jan 2001, 11:02 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by Marx Pio

These are my all-time favorites:

The first I had and the one I miss most (was stolen from a friend): HP 25. Oh, it made us sweat but teached us a lot about how to do so much with that few resources. I found relief with the Java simulator, perhaps I would buy a good and used one sometime in the future... And excellent manuals, even useful today!!!!

The one I would like to have at the time: HP 29C, more memory and subroutines, at a time when I was sharp with -25 methods.

The marvel: HP 41C, I still had mine with some modules, card reader (refurbished) and wand. Only criticism: contacts and screws, lack of a simple I/O apart from the complex HP-IL. It is a little slow and bulky for today standards, and extended functions are not at all intuitive... But a wonderful thing at its time, and usable today. Good manuals!

The best calculator ever made: HP 42, only lacking some I/O for backup purposes... and a better Alpha mode. I have a mint one. Acceptable manual...

The one I most use today: HP-200LX, good calculator and organizer... And DOS 5.0 was a classic on itself, perhaps the last personal OS than a single person could understand entirely. Good manual

The hope: Will a HP 43 appear... I doubt it, but...

The not so good: HP 31/32/33/34 of the spice series, the HP 15 (clumsy for my taste), 28C (little RAM), the 48 series (I don't like RPL nor infinite stacks), the current 6/30/49 "flashy" series... And the HP 32 SII, while a good product, is not as friendly as it could have been.

Of course, these are just VERY personal opinions!

Re: What´s your favorite [(hp)]?
Message #10 Posted by Ion Abraham (New Mexico USA) on 28 Jan 2001, 11:35 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by Marx Pio

Hello all,

I pretty much agree with everything the rest of the people have said on this topic. My favorite HP's? The ones I use the most, of course. I am slowly getting drawn into collecting, to my wife's amusement, but mostly I use these things. My first HP was a 41CX, since '86. I have probably used every command on that thing at one time or another, including the stopwatch, very handy to time experiments, particularly good for storing splits (intermediate time segments). Show me another calculator that has one of those (and a wand, and...) I am also very fond of my 11C and 15C, for sheer portability. Their only drawback is that I found it very cumbersome to program on them (I hate key codes). But they are practically indestructible. My 11C has hit the floor a couple of times, with only minor dents. The 41CX would have shattered in a million pieces. I have recently bought a 97, because I decided that a printing calculator would be a useful thing (for taxes, etc.) The printer on the 41 is OK, but, for occasional use, I got tired of swapping the cord in and out. Plus the fact that, at least on the 82143A printer, it runs down the battery for you while you're not using it.

Best regards,

Ion Abraham Albuquerque, New Mexico

Re: What´s your favorite [(hp)]?
Message #11 Posted by bill smith on 28 Jan 2001, 3:42 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by Marx Pio

like many here, i've had a progression of HP's since the late 70's. My first was the 25, and was vastly improved by the 34C, with continuous memory. before graduating, i bought a 15C, and it remains my favorite to this day. it has the perfect size and functionality for my stand-up engineering uses today, runs forever on a set of cheap batteries, and has good documentation (in the unlikely event i need a new program for it).

in the early 80's i bought a 41CV with a cardreader. it was my desktop computer for the time, and i still love the gadgetry, hence it is the focus of my collection. i also have a 200LX, which does all the calculation i could require in a hand-held, using spreadsheets, solver, QBASIC, perl, and the occassional Fortran77 program. of course there are also my desktops for the heavy lifting.

i had assumed that the 15C and 200LX would suffice through the end of my career. in fact, i had intended to get rid of the 41 system after finally porting my programs to the 200LX (a project still incomplete). but learning how / figuring out the porting stuff has certainly invigorated my interest in the 41, and thus i'd have to say it is the most _fun_ to work with.

Re: What´s your favorite [(hp)]?
Message #12 Posted by Matthew Riehl (U.S.A.) on 29 Jan 2001, 6:47 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by Marx Pio

My first "real calculator" was the HP-25 in my senior year of high school. It served me well throughout college and on into the military. When it eventually died, I was given an HP-11C by my brother (who is surprisingly a Texas Instrument weenie). It is a good and dependable calculator, though without the charm of the HP-25.

My real first love though was the HP-65 which came out in my first year of high school. I played with the demo model at the local Macy's store several times a week for months. Of course as a high school student I couldn't afford the $795 price tag. I have purchased one (two actually) from on eBay and have fixed them up with help from people here. It's still a great calculator. I carry it with me daily as I use it on a project I am working on. Now if they would just come out with a new special 25 year anniversary model in 2002 . . .

Re: What´s your favorite [(hp)]?
Message #13 Posted by r. d. bärtschiger. on 29 Jan 2001, 9:52 p.m.,
in response to message #12 by Matthew Riehl (U.S.A.)

How did you arrive at 2002? The 65 was introduced in 1975. rdb.

Re: What´s your favorite [(hp)]?
Message #14 Posted by Matthew Riehl on 30 Jan 2001, 7:41 p.m.,
in response to message #13 by r. d. bärtschiger.

Boy do I hate doing math in public! I guess that would rule out them putting out a 25 year anniversary model in 2002. I guess I should use my calculator instead of talking about it. OK, how about a 30 year aniversary model in 2003 or 2004?

However, according to this museum's HP-65 web page the calculator was introduced in 1974 and it shows the earliest serial numbers as being 1333 which would be the 33 week of 1973 (this is what my calculator shows).


Re: What´s your favorite [(hp)]?
Message #15 Posted by john on 30 Jan 2001, 11:03 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by Marx Pio

I used 41s since they were introduced. Then a 48SX since that one came on the market. Beyond using it for everyday practical calculations, I also have, more or less hobby-wise, an interest in investigating various mathematical things. This is where I think that the 48 is unsurpassed(?)(so far?). BUT very often, I try to use my slide rules - a special joy! BTW Are there others among you out there who are also slide rule fans? I have some trouble with some of my fellow 'slip-stickers'. They are convinced that slide rules were God's gift to man. (Calculators were probably the Devil's gift:-))

Re: What´s your favorite [(hp)]?
Message #16 Posted by Ron Ross on 30 Jan 2001, 1:35 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by Marx Pio

My favorite might just be my first, an Hp15c. Later my wife got a job with Hp and one day at her desk with a casio was told that she should use another calc. She asked me what I would recommend and I told her that a 27S was a big step up. Since she got a discount, I decided to buy a 42s also. The 42s is the best pocket calc ever MADE. Now I use a 48 G. Why? Because it is like having a desk reference available with all the conversions and it IS replacable. My 42 and 15 stay at home (with lots of other hp friends).

By the way, my wife still uses her 27s after 10 years and it is still her favorite. My opinion is that it is Hp's 2nd best pocket calc and it is a shame Hp no longer makes either of its finest calcs. I wish the 42 had a clock and alarm like they furnished with the 27s or 17b.

The 19b is worth metioning only because it has rpn and algerbraic and after the battery door redesign might be more Hp tough. Battery doors are this and the 28's Achilies heel.

Re: What´s your favorite [(hp)]?
Message #17 Posted by Tom (UK) on 30 Jan 2001, 2:32 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by Marx Pio

The first HP I owned (HP67 - LED, card prog., very solid, great handbook and chunky keys)

And the one I don't have but would most like (HP42 - under stated, the right level of features (but maybe add a timer), small size, but sadly far too valuable now for everyday use/abuse).

Re: What´s your favorite [(hp)]?
Message #18 Posted by Stefan Vorkoetter on 30 Jan 2001, 4:02 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by Marx Pio

It would be a toss up between the 41C/CV/CX, and the 34C.

I like the 41 series simply because they can do just about anything a person could want (especially once you've added a few modules).

I like the 34C because it does almost everything I want, is a lot easier to use (everything it does is right there in front of you on the keyboard), and I have a soft spot for LED displays.


Re: What´s your favorite [(hp)]?
Message #19 Posted by Stefan Vorkoetter on 30 Jan 2001, 4:04 p.m.,
in response to message #18 by Stefan Vorkoetter

I just want to add that I also own a 32E, 19C, and 42S, just so you know what I'm comparing to.

My favorite HP that I don't have would probably be the 29C (smaller non-printing version of the 19C).

Re: What´s your favorite [(hp)]?
Message #20 Posted by Ron Ross on 30 Jan 2001, 4:40 p.m.,
in response to message #19 by Stefan Vorkoetter

What can I say. I also like LED displays and the 34c is a calc I don't yet have. I have the 32 and 33e and c. I use the 33c at home for general number crunching at my desk. For anything fancy I have a 48GX. I also have the newer models and my daughter likes her 39G (probably only because of its game capabilities).

Re: What´s your favorite [(hp)]?
Message #21 Posted by Marx Pio on 30 Jan 2001, 6:51 p.m.,
in response to message #19 by Stefan Vorkoetter

I would like to mention HP28S that introduced me in Forth-like programming and 42S that makes me feel that I lost time using all those Casio's FX602P and Texas' TI59. I recently acquired an HP41CV from a friend and I was very impressed with its capabilities even if you compare it with the new machines. But my brain extension is really an HP48GX. Pio

Re: What´s your favorite [(hp)]?
Message #22 Posted by Juan-J on 31 Jan 2001, 7:52 p.m.,
in response to message #18 by Stefan Vorkoetter

Amid lots of advice for Japanese models, I bought an HP-41CX when I was in the university. A really nice machine. Armed with the Math/Stat Pac and a card reader, it could do almost anything you needed. It was funny to see my classmates consuming their time invoking library numbers on their Japanese machines just to get an intermediate answer for another library number, while the trusty 41 calculated the whole problem in a breeze.

I upgraded to the 48GX shortly before graduating. A very nice machine, mine was one of the first (serial 3330S...) Sadly, I lost it and got an Indonesia-made replacement. Thankfully, the 41 stayed at home and is still with me.

I thought I was the only one doing hobby mathematical research (namely, matrices, special functions for quantum mechanics and the Euler's constant) on the 48. It is a good machine for this. You can do it a thousand times faster on a PC, but there's a nice feeling about probing things with the 48.

Despite this, I've always been fond of the 41 series. The best machines ever built by HP, especially the 41CX. All that functions, and a timer. And that fine craftmanship feeling. It's just great. Just define the algorythm, write the program and you're in business. An XROM or a peripheral if you need extra refinement/power, and you're ready to tackle anything.

I retired the 41 back in '93. As with other users, it now stays at home (after a brief career calculating moving averages for my mother) with other "friends" I've bought over the years. Now I'm getting a 41C.

As for later models, I've been using a 28S lately, and I think it's a nice one. Like a mini-48.

A pity that HP is not interested in calculators anymore.

Re: What´s your favorite [(hp)]?
Message #23 Posted by Rick Bensene on 7 Feb 2001, 7:25 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by Marx Pio

My favorite HP calculator is the HP9100B.

Cool CRT display, core memory, mag-card program storage, all-transistor electronics (no IC's), and built like a tank. Not a handheld by any means...but it's definitely got a place in my heart.

Rick Bensene The Old Calculator Web Museum

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