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hp9825a computer
Message #1 Posted by Dan Micale on 1 June 2000, 11:41 a.m.

It would be greatly appreciated if someone could give me some information on formatting a cassette tape for an hp9825a computer.

Re: hp9825a computer
Message #2 Posted by Joe on 8 June 2000, 9:23 p.m.,
in response to message #1 by Dan Micale


I doubt you'll be able to format one. The media is flaking off of most of the old tapes and the tape drive wheels on ALL of the 9825s that I've looked at are soft and gooy. If both of these are ok on yours then let me know and I'll look up the command for you. I think it's "Initialize" but I'm not positive since none of my 9825s has a working tape drive. BTW one of the symptoms of the soft and gooy wheel is that the tape drive will run forever when you tell it to initialize or to get a file. It sounds like it's running but the wheel is too small to contact the drive wheel in the tape cassette so the tape doesn't move and the motor just keeps running since it never reaches the end of tape marker.

This problem is common to all of the old HP tape and mag card drives including the HP 65, 67, 97, 9815 and 85, etc.


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