The Museum of HP Calculators

Software and Typists Wanted!

The Museum is looking for additional programs for the software library. HP has graciously allowed programs from its application books and "pacs" to be republished here. If you wish to volunteer to enter some programs, please contact Dave Hicks.

If you have no programs available, scans can be sent to you by email and you can return the results by email. To keep the formatting consistent, please download a similar page from the software library and edit it with a text editor. Most operating systems come with one or more text editors, and there are free or inexpensive text editors such as Notepad++ that do a great job. Please do not use a word processor or an HTML editor as these usually mess up the format and produce bloated HTML code. (One exception: some non-WYSIWYG HTML code editors are probably OK. In other words, HTML editors that look like text editors.)

There is really no fancy HTML formatting required since that is handled in CSS. Just basic structure - such as: paragraphs of text are suorunded by <p> and </p> and listings are surrounded by <pre class="blue"> and </pre>. You can view your file in a browser, and check the file here to make sure you've put the HTML tags in the right places.

Tables are a bit messy since they are two-dimensional. For entering instructions in tabular form, you probably want to edit one of the instruction tables in an existing file. You'll see that tables are broken into rows by <tr> and </tr> and into cells within each row by <td> and </td> If you need add a row, just copy everything from a <tr> to a </tr> (inclusive), put the copy where you need it, and then edit the cells between the <td>s and </td>s.

If you need to create a table from scratch, you can also use an on-line table generator like this one.

If you have software of your own that you are willing to submit, please contact Dave Hicks.

Submission of HTML via email is preferred. Generally it is best to zip the HTML file(s) so that your email program doesn't attempt to merge the file into the email itself.

If all that sounds like too much HTML, you can send a simple text file (UTF8 or ASCII character encoding, please) with instructions and the listing and I'll put some HTML around it.

The museum is also looking for additional applications books and pacs, and other HP calculator software.

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