The Museum of HP Calculators

Software and Typists Wanted!

The Museum is looking for additional programs for the software library. HP has graciously allowed programs from its application books and "pacs" to be republished here. If you wish to volunteer to enter a program or two, please contact Dave Hicks.

If you have no programs available, paper documentation can be sent to you by mail and you can return the results by email. If you don't know HTML or have an HTML editor, AOLPress is free (to everyone, not just AOL customers) and works well. (It does not produce pages full of excessive formatting or vendor-specific codes as some tools do.) You can download one of the pages in the software library as a starting point to keep the formatting consistent.

If you have software of your own that you are willing to submit, please contact Dave Hicks. Submission of HTML via email is preferred. Software for the HP-41C and HP-67/97 can also be submitted on magnetic cards with descriptions sent by email.

The museum is also looking for additional applications books and pacs, and other HP calculator software.

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