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DVD Version 7

This page is meant to coordinate the scanning of the sixth and seventh HP Museum DVD Set Version 7. The release date for these DVDs/CDs is unknown at this time. If you have anything that is missing from the current DVD/CD set and also not listed below, please contact Dave Hicks.

As with Version 6, I am looking for both completely new manuals and higher quality color scans of existing manuals. For new manuals, any scan that is readable is acceptable. For replacement scans, I'm am looking for very high quality images.

Please see this page for information on how to scan and send files. Please contact me before you start to scan so you don't scan the same document that someone else does.
Calculator Manuals
Options and Peripherals
Calculator ROMs
Calculator Software
Quick Reference Guides.
EduCALC Catalogs
    Service Manuals, Internals & Misc.
HP Digests
HP-65 Key Notes
EduCalc Technical Notes
Books (not published by HP)
User's Library Programs
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Items listed below are already promised for DVD Version 7:

Calculator Manuals

English Language Manuals:

HP 6s Keys To The Calculator Middle School Activities Color.
HP-28S Owner's Manual Color
HP-28S Reference Manual
9100A Operating and Programming Color

Dutch Manuals:

HP-41CX Supplement
HP-41C/CV Owner's Handbook Color
HP-41C/CV Dutch Operating Manual Color
HP 82161A Digital Casette

German Manuals:

HP-25 Owner's Manual Color
HP-41C Standard Programmsammlung
HP-41CX Kurzanleitung German
42S Programming Techniques
HP-67 Manual
HP-97 Manual
HP-67 Standard Pac
HP-97 Standard Pac
HP-67/97 Stat Pac
HP-67 Business Decisions
HP-91 Manual Color
HP 82182A QRG

French Manuals

HP-15C Manuel Des Fonctions Mathématiques De Haut Niveau
30 Series La solution de vos problemes French Color
HP-32S French Owner's Manual Color
HP-41 Advantage Pac French Color
HP-41C Standard Applications French
HP-41C Stat Pac French
HP-65 Manuel D'Utilisation
HP-65 Standard Pac
HP 82106 Memory Module
HP-41C Statistiques appliquées I (Users Library Solutions)

Portuguese Manuals

Spanish Manuals

HP-32S Manual del Proprietario Color

Options and Peripherals

HP 82106 Memory Module
HP 82242A French and German, 82242A English Errata
HP 92266A 41c Charger Sheet
HP 98135A HP-IB Interface Operating and Service (HP-9815)
Series 80 HP-IB Interface Owner's Manual
HP 9860A Marked Card Reader

Calculator ROMs

HP-19C/29C Color (improved scan vs V6)
HP-41 Advantage Advanced Solutions Pac Color
HP-41 82104A Card Reader Owner's Handbook Color
HP-41 82143A Printer Owner's Handbook Color
HP-83/85 Advanced Programming ROM
HP 9820 Peripheral Control II Block (HP 11224A)
HP 9830 Calculator Terminal I ROM (11227B & Option 277)

Calculator Software

HP-14B Business Student Applications
HP-15C Advanced Functions Color
HP-17B, 19B, 27S Business Finance and Accounting Step-by-Step Solutions
HP-17B, 19B, 27S Marketing and Sales Step-by-Step Solutions
HP-17B, 19B, 27S Personal Investment and Tax Planning Step-by-Step Solutions
HP-17B, 19B, 27S Real Estate, Banking and Leasing
HP-22S Science Student Sales Step-by-Step Solutions
HP-41C Cardiac Pulmonary (Users' Library Solutions)
HP-41C Solar Engineering (Users' Library Solutions)
HP-25 Applications Color
HP-32S Engineering Applications Color
HP-42S Electrical Engineering Solutions
HP-65 Stat Pac 1 Color
HP-67 Surveying Pac 1 Color
HP-75 Math 1 (Users' Library Solutions) Complete (V6 file is missing 2 pages)
HP-85 Standard Pac
HP-9825 Matrix Programming Color

Quick Reference Guides.

HP 48SX QRG Color
Plotter/Printer ROM (Series 80 Pocket Guides)
I/O ROM and Interface (Series 80 Pocket Guides)
HP-85B, Assembler ROM (Series 80 Pocket Guides)

HP Digests

HP-65 Key Notes

Volume 1 Number 3
Volume 1 Number 4
Volume 1 Number 5
Volume 2 Number 1
Volume 2 Number 2
Volume 2 Number 3

EduCALC Catalogs

Volume 55: 1992
Volume 56: 1992
Volume 67: 1995
Volume 71: 1996


Accessories and Applications for HP Calculators
Einstein: Discover The Right Solution Ad.
It is unworthy of excellent men to loose hours like slaves in the labor of calculation
Technisch-wissenschaftliche Taschenrechner von Hewlett-Packard
Die zukunftsorientierte Computer-Logik UPN in Taschenrechnern von Hewlett-Packard
Dec 1981 Ad: Your Partners in Profit, Partners in Discovery
HP-10C/11C/15C/16C French brochure Hewlett-Packard les moyens de l'ambition
HP-10C,11C,15C,16C, Fortschrittliche-wissenschaftliche Taschenrechner
HP-11C The Whole Is Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts
HP-12C Ad: Puts More Financial Solutions in Your Pocket
HP-25C Wissenschaftlicher programmierbarer Taschenrechner
German Brochur HP-28C from 1987
German Brochur 40 Series from 1983
41 French Ad April 1981
41 french ad personalized mem module
41 french ad oct 1982
41 french brochure feb 81
HP 48GX erweiterbarer Graphiktaschenrechner und HP 48G
HP-75C Portable Computing System Brochure
German Brochur HP-92 (undated)
German Pricelists
Software / Accessories Brochur 1979
German Brochur Technical Calcs from 1988
German Brochur 10 Series from 1983

Service Manuals, Internals & Misc.

HP-41C/CV/CX Service Manual
HP-46/81/9805 Updating, Revision and Repair Procedure
HP-75 IO ROM Listing (NOMAS)
HP-75 Source Code Listing Volume 1 (NOMAS)
HP-75 Source Code Listing Volume 2 (NOMAS)
HP-75 82713A Plug In Module Simulator

HP Journal Articles

September 1968 color complete issue (9100)
June 1972 color (HP-35)
March 1980 color complete issue
June 1991 color (HP 48SX)

EduCALC Technical Notes

Books (not published by HP)

A Modern Difference Engine. SW emulators for Charles Babbage's Difference Engine No. 2 (James Donnelly)
The HP 48 Handbook (James Donnelly)
The HP 48 Pocket Book (James Donnelly)
An Introduction to HP 48 System RPL and Assembly Language Programming (James Donnelly)
Calculator Reference Literature List (Felix Gross)

User's Library Programs

When uploading User's Library Files please send file names formatted like:

UL-Number Title_page-number.tif (UL-number is usually stamped in the upper left corner.) eg:

00556C Polynomial Regression_01.tif
00556C Polynomial Regression_02.tif

If you have a program without a number, please use Cat Number (eg: Cat 510 Satellites_01.tif) in place of the stamped UL number if you have one. If your operating system doesn't like space, you may use underscores "_" in place of the spaces.

This will help me in keeping these files straight. Thank you!

User's Library Programs sorted by number
(programs with no number are listed at the end.)
(I will add names to the files which only have numbers and update this page as time permits.)

00057C Chebyshev, Legendre, Hermite & laguerre Polynomials
00060C Bessel Functions, Error Function
00179D Space War
00200D Blackjack Game
00204 Pinball Wizzard
00205 Star Trek Advanced
00206 Dog Races
00210 Game of Life (9x9)
00216D Mastermind Deluxe
00219D Shooting Gallery
00220D Game of Life
00222 Jack of Eagles (Game)
00252 LNAP (Ladder Network Analysis Program)
00256D Probe Word Game
00259D Duel
00266D Concentration
00278D Blackjack - Las Vegas Style
00297 LC-LNAP, LC Ladder Network Analysis Program
00301 Second Order Active Network Pole and Zero Polynomial Coefficients
00315 Curve Fitting Using the Cubic Spline Method
00320C Linear Programming using Simplx Algorithm
00321D Pinball Wizzard
00325 Cybernetic Nim Game
00326D Bagels1-5 Game
00327C Straight Line Forced thru Any Point
00341C Modified Crescent Curve Fitting
00351C Area Under Curve
00369D Advanced Star Advanced
00390C Roots of Polynomials
00397C Piloted Linear Regression
00407C Characteristic Polynomial of a Square Matrix
00433C 41 Star Identification
00463D Game of Life (9x9)
00477C Curve Fitting
00499D Battleship I
00501D Baseball
00537D Championship Golf
00538D Roulette Deluxe
00552D Fourty-Four; A Game of Deduction
00555C Multiple Linear Regression
00555D Baseball
00556C Polynomial Regression
00586D Football
00609C Fitting Polymonials of Degree M to Data
00616D Objective (Tank War)
00626D Life
00687D American Roulette Wheel
00702C 41 Gear Frequencies
00727D Jack of Eagles
00733D Roulette Game
00734D Jotto 2
00739D Daytona 500
00747D Football
00763C 41 High Resolution Plotter
00771C 41 Lunar Day Converter Astrophoto exp guide
00825D Golf With Unique Putting Routine
00850D Number Hunt
00853D Orbitor Game
00866C 41 Wumpus
00873D Basketball
00874D Ping-Pong
00875D Electronic Ping Pong
00888D Mastermind
00929C 41 Chess 5x5
00948C 41 Tic Tac Toe
00959D Programmers' Bell Slot Machine
00964D Robot Trap
01010C 41 Precession of Right Ascension and Declination
01173D Hunt the Wumpus
01196C barcode
01196C bode of general transfer
01220C 41 Wars
01294C 41 Cyclone Efficiency
01370D Blackjack
01403C 41 Cooling Load Calculations
01412D Matrix Game - Calculator Learns to Learn
01471D Slalom Ski
01475D Rational Tic Tac Toe
01495D Baseball
01497D Crack the Vault
01511D Pinochle
01532D Moon Lander with Untinterruptible Continuous Countdown
01581D Sink the Yamamoto
01650D Random Sequence of Numbers
01763C swords and sorcery
01767D Magic Squares
01798D Bridg-It
01800D Fortress
01816D Monopoly
01829D Unbreakable Cipher System; Cryptography
01838D Draw Poker
01884D Noughts & Crosses
01918D Keno Simulation
01927D Advanced Battleship
02039D Super Bagels - Easy-Does-It
02335D Star Wars
02845D Space War Plus
02900D Telepathy
02913D Game of 15
02925D The Game of 3D Tic Tac Toe
02962D Mine Field
03100D Bowling Game Simulator
03130D Keno Special
03288D Checkers
03952D How Old Are You
03954D Down the Middle
03961D Number Guesser Game
04061D Exterminator
04118D Toss and Score
04122D Fan Tan
04190D Sic Bo (Dice game)
04191D Paper Rock Scissors
04196D Labyrinth
04199D Guess the Number
04356D Engine Out
04463D Catch Me If You Can
04464D Modified Moon Rocket Lander
04505D Chess - The 8 Queens Problem
04510D Guess the Card Suit
0xxxxD Pinochle
50003 Logic Circuit Simulator
50024 Sequential Logic for up to 9 Unknowns (Propositions)
50029 Car Simulator
50089 5th Degree Equation
50116 Coder - Decoder
50145 Magic Squares
50146 Solution of a Fifth or a Sixth Order Linear System
50232 Direct PIAL Compiler
50256 Trade Business Plan Game
50313 PIAL Executer
50495 Multiple Integrals
50499 Reaction Time Indicator With NNN's
50500 Mate Your HP's King with King, Bishop and Knight, in 35 Moves
50520 Approximation by Legendre Polynomials up to Degree 7
50536 Lose Three
50555 PIAL Editor
50657 Complex Operations Programmable 45
50683 Linear Systems (Complex Coefficients)
50684 Linear Systems 7x7
50685 Determinants
50687 Polynomial Regression Degree 1, 2, 3, 4
50696 Chess - End Game 1
50784 Fourier Coefficients
50812 5x5, 4x4, 3x3 Matrices or Unknown Equations
50813 Conversion of Legendre Polynomials into Power Series
50925 Linear Second Order Boundary-Value Problem
51061 Inverse Mastermind
51114 Twonky
51130 Solving Mastermind with HP 67-97
51193 5x7 Matrix Letter and Symbol Printer
51262 Theseus and Minotaurus
51352 Chebyshev Economisation
51403 Double Precision Arithmetic for Positive Integers
51657 50 Steps Programmable HP Machine for Complex Calculus
51658 Approximation by a Sum of 4 Whatever Functions
51660 4 Simultaneous Equations in 4 Rational Variables
51702 Cyclic Patterns
51772 Texas Simulator
51877 MIT Public-Key Cryptosystem and Digital Signatures
51881 Fourier Coefficients for Linear Composed Functions
51892 Literal Derivation Function up to 100 Steps
52046 Square Root to 182 Figures
52058 Sea Battle
52112 Palindromic Numbers
52165 Linear Systems
52206 A Chess Game
60377 Fourier Series - Harmonic Analysis - Discrete Domain
60453 Elliptic Lowpass Filter Design
60454 Factors of a Number; the Fastest Program on the Subject
60534 Areas, Lengths of Arcs, Volumes & Surfaces of Revolution
60535 Numerical Analysis of Functions
60582 Summation of an Infinite Alternating Series
Category 510 Messier Object Search
Category 510 Satellites of Jupiter
Category 820 Treasure Quest
HP Users' Club Europe HP 67-97 Program Catalog
HP Users' Program Library Europe Catalogue
HP logo
Users Group Library Programs
calendar 1
navigation programs
romberg integration

Forum Archives

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The following people have contributed/promised manual scans:

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Please see this page for information on how to scan and send files.

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